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Translation Services

Connecting Now uses effective technologies and highly trained and qualified staff to help you communicate in any language, at scale.

Empowering you to connect and communicate effectively

According to the 2016 census, of the 25.3 million people in Australia, about 1 million do not speak English at all.

Connecting Now empowers businesses and communities to connect and communicate with people of all languages (100+). We offer a range of supported outputs for written, audio, design, video and web formats, with volume discounts for large projects.

High quality translation, always

From technical documentation to product brochures, Connecting Now delivers the outcomes you need. We identify qualified translators who are subject matter experts in your industry and have strict quality assurance processes to ensure that quality is always delivered.

Human Translation

In addition to being NAATI accredited, our translators are assessed for native-level proficiency in the target language and must provide examples of previous work products to be successful in completing our recruitment process.

Our translators approach each job with the appropriate attention to detail and work diligently to ensure not only that the written word but the appropriate cultural context is conveyed when working on your projects.

Whether you require a single type-set brochure or a suite of product documentation converted into one of many languages, we can facilitate this service. Our internal team will co-ordinate these activities as mini projects allowing us to provide feedback or seek guidance if there are queries regarding the content to ensure a perfect translation every time.

Technology-Based Translation

Connecting Now have partnered with Lionbridge to provide GeoFluent solution capabilities to support real-time translation services. Lionbridge is the largest Machine Based Translation Provider in the world, founded in 1996, employing and appearing in the Forbes 2022 lists (Best Employer for Diversity / America's best large employers). GeoFluent allows for real-time translation in your customer’s language of choice. This system’s features include:

Lionsbridge are also strongly committed to security, holding ISO27001 and SSAE 16 SOC1 Certifications, as well as being SOX compliant and not storing any sensitive data.


We take textual or audio content from a source language and translate it professionally with your specific target markets and a variety of outputs in mind.


Whatever content you require for translating or localisation, our expert team helps your audience connect with it effectively.


Our localisation process takes translated content and adapts it for linguistic nuances and the target locale. This ensures all translations are culturally appropriate for your specific audience.

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